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วันที่เผยแพร่ 01 Oct 2003

Our investments in education, science, and technology are often invisible, but only an efficient knowledge system-achieving higher productivity through constant innovation can power our national renaissance.

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National Innovation Agency (NIA) was established by the Ministry of Science and Technology on October 1, 2003. It operates as an autonomous organization, under the supervision and policy guidance of the National Innovation Board, but outside the normal framework of the civil service and state enterprise. NIA undertakes a broad-based and systematic approach to building up the national innovation system, by fostering strategic innovation, which enhances national productivity, encourages economic restructuring and social development as well as promoting national competitiveness. Innovation is the ability to use knowledge, creativity, and experience in technology or management to develop new products, processes or services to cater to the market’s need, and to increase economic values that will be beneficial to the country’s economy and society. In light of today’s knowledge economy, it is essential to keep up with the global challenges to strengthen the competitiveness of national economic players and to enhance wealth creation in the country. Innovation is an impetus for growth, therefore, it is of foremost importance for Thailand to establish a well designed National Innovation Ecosystem policy framework to provide a sound economic growth base and to inject an understanding of how various sectors might approach innovation.


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